Your Session

Senior and Modeling Photo Session Tips

Before your Photo Session.
In order to maximize your experience with us we will start with a telephone consultation to discuss your specific photographic needs. We will discuss with you details ranging from on location to in studio sessions, to outfit choices, and the time needed for your “project”.
There are advantages to both location and studio sessions. Sessions on location can be spectacular because of the scenery and the color that natural light can provide. Studio sessions allow for great contemporary photography. Can’t decide? Split your session in two: one hour outdoor and one hour indoor!

During your Photo Session
Make-up: Wear your usual make-up, however try to avoid anything that has glitter and reflective sparkles in it. A matte foundation is best. For a truly spectacular result we can provide a professional make-up artist for a modest fee (and some of the packages already include it).
Nails: Your hands will show in the photographs, please make sure they are properly cared for.
Hair: Avoid trying new hairstyles or a new hair color before the session. We can also provide a hairstylist if you are short in time!
Accessories: Accessories are great in photos! Hats, sunglasses, jewelry, bring them with you! Do you play an instrument or a sport? Bring any item that can help you personalize your photo session.

After your photo session
When your images are ready, typically about three weeks after your session, we will contact you to schedule an ordering session in our new viewing room. Your beautifully finished and digitally enhanced pictures will be displayed on a 47’’ screen and together we will be able to crop, change from color to B&W or make composite and story telling boards.
Since at this time you will place your order, we strongly recommend that all the decision-making parties will be present at the ordering session.

Timing: Please arrive on time at your appointments. There may be other customers waiting for their session after yours, they will appreciate your consideration. Give us at least a 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or change your photo or ordering sessions.